History & Facilities

It is our mission to provide health care and financial institutions across the country with innovative document and payment solutions that deliver cost savings and improved billing processes. At Apex, we continuously strive to improve our proprietary technology; to always provide the best possible results for our customers. Developing and maintaining strong customer partnerships is a top priority. In fact, we meet with a majority of our customers on a regular basis to gather feedback on our technology solutions and directly apply that feedback towards our ongoing product development and system enhancements.


Apex operates out of two fully redundant, print and mail facilities in St. Paul, MN and Green Bay, WI. Apex also utilizes two separate and redundant Tier III data centers. With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial and health care industries, Apex has undergone and maintained:

SOC2 audit
HIPAA compliance
Full production and data processing redundancy
A complete disaster recovery plan
First-class data security processes



Asking the right questions.  Delivering innovative solutions.