Case Studies

Learn how we’ve helped our customer’s improve patient collections through the use of superior design, technology, and information.

Case Study: Large Health System Drives 10% UP and 10% DOWN

This Florida health system was experiencing common revenue cycle struggles: Increasing Bad Debt and Patient AR. Learn how to development strategic messaging campaigns that encourage and promote online payment options to patients – and revamp statements to reduce confusion. The results are significant!

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Case Study: Driving Patient Account Resolution Through Integrated Statement and Payment Solutions

This Wisconsin health system improved patient financial engagement by making improvements to patient billing statements, patient support tools and online payment and billing features. Learn how strategic and cohesive financial messaging, better account visibility and intuitive online billing can facilitate more successful financial conversations with patients.

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Case Study: Security Life Streamlines Document Delivery for Speed and Professionalism

This National Insurance Provider needed to improve quality, efficiency and service surrounding document composition and delivery, and online billing features for their insurance agents and end-customers.  Learn how to move away from “archaic” ways of getting materials printed and delivered – to a streamlined online process that provides significant administrative efficiency and a better customer experience.

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