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Benefits of the Cloud
Mar. 31, 2015 | Posted by Sophie Morelli

When it comes to securely sharing medical documents, faxing is out and cloud computing is in. Fax servers and cloud-based document transfer solutions have made paperless “faxing” a real and affordable option. Healthcare providers are able to save resources and personnel time by going “paperless” in their medical- and billing-records communications. More generally, cloud computing [...]

Why Healthcare Needs the Cloud
Oct. 25, 2013 | Posted by Apex Marketing

As a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for healthcare billing, we here at Apex have seen firsthand the transition to cloud-based approaches to healthcare IT management.

How Return Mail Services Help Healthcare Providers Increase Patient Collections
Oct. 20, 2013 | Posted by Apex Marketing

Apex Information Technologies recently announced Return Mail Services to help healthcare providers and other clients streamline their own mail processing and increase collections.

Eliminating Administrative Headaches in the Complex Healthcare Industry
Oct. 14, 2013 | Posted by Apex Marketing

The healthcare industry features some of the most complex billing requirements of any consumer-facing industry, including privacy regulations, complex service descriptions, insurance splits, and coding conventions that are confusing to consumers.

Viewing Patient Billing Records at an Individual Clinic or Parent-Company Level
Sep. 4, 2013 | Posted by Haley Casey

Multi-clinic practices have additional complexities in their billing processes, with records generated at the clinic level and often needing review at a parent/administrative level. High-tech solutions to archiving statements and other payment-related information can provide access to the appropriate document sets at the appropriate levels.

The Future of Medical Billing
Aug. 5, 2013 | Posted by Brian Kueppers

The article notes that “rigid and complicated coding rules” and insurance company pressures have created an overwhelming administrative burden on doctors, who are increasingly turning to third-party billing companies.

Efficient Patient Billing for Radiology Practices
Jul. 31, 2013 | Posted by David Albright

Apex specializes in helping healthcare providers improve their collections from patients through clear communication, streamlined billing-related practices, fewer incoming billing-related phone calls, and a shorter revenue cycle.

Increase Patients’ E-Payment Adoption to Improve the Healthcare Revenue Cycle
Jul. 26, 2013 | Posted by Haley Casey

When patients pay online, providers save money on processing, paper, and postage. Providers also tend to receive payments faster, because (1) time in the mail stream is eliminated and, (2) patients who pay online tend to pay faster.

Delivering Innovation Solutions in Medical Billing and Statement Processing
Jun. 19, 2013 | Posted by Brian Kueppers

Part of our mission at Apex is to provide healthcare providers and financial institutions across the country with innovative payment solutions that save money and improve billing processes.

Apex CEO Brian Kueppers’s Feature Article in MGMA Connexion Magazine
Jun. 17, 2013 | Posted by Haley Casey

The Medical Group Management Association’s print magazine Connexion included an article by Apex founder and CEO Brian Kueppers in its February 2013 issue.

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