Apex Revenue Technologies Introduces an All-New, Personalized Patient Payment Experience

Apex Revenue Technologies

ST. PAUL, Minn., February 20, 2018Apex Revenue Technologies, the leader in patient financial engagement solutions that leverage insight into how patients pay, today announced the release of a new online payment experience for patients, designed to integrate printed and electronic communication channels with a more personalized online payment experience. New advancements to its award-winning mySecureBill® payment platform focus on greater clarity for patients to manage their entire healthcare account, a seamlessly-branded user experience, and supports a more outcome-based financial communications strategy for providers.

The new mySecureBill features a clear, comprehensive and highly-engaging dashboard, from which patients are only a click away from any action to manage their account, and those of their family members.

“Patients not only want to interact with their providers online, they expect it. But each patient’s needs and preferences vary,” said Patrick Maurer, president, Apex Revenue Technologies. “This new mySecureBill payment experience delivers all of the powerful capabilities of a retail payment experience, geared to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and individual patients.”

Benefits of the new mySecureBill platform:

  • Unmatched branding capabilities – Apex offers more options to match the user experience to the provider’s website, including logos, multi-color branding of text and interface elements, as well as image selection to mirror the provider’s brand tone and boost payer confidence.
  • A seamless, personalized experience – The dashboard suggests payment resolution and user experience options based on the goals of the provider, and what we know about the patient - for greater clarity and convenience, and better results.
  • Clear view of performance – The mySecureBill payment portal fully integrates with the company’s award-winning Apex Connect™ platform, a behavioral analytics engine that leverages patient data to automatically match financial conversations to each patient’s profile. Activity logged in mySecureBill automatically impacts the patient experience in each subsequent interaction.
  • Speed to payment; speed to results – Pre-populated data is context rich, meaning line-level details are allocated appropriately for accurate payment posting, which reduces the administrative burden on the back office. The new mySecureBill payment platform can be fully integrated into the provider’s revenue cycle processes in a matter of weeks.

On the average, 50% of payments are made electronically with Apex, with unparalleled patient satisfaction ratings averaging 95%.

“We expect this new experience to advance those success measures even further,” said Maurer. “Early satisfaction surveys indicate patients view the new payment experience to raise the bar for ease and clarity in how they manage their healthcare financial obligations.”

To learn more about how Apex combines its visionary patient communications and payment platform, visit www.apexrevtech.com or follow Apex Revenue Technologies on LinkedIn.


About Apex Revenue Technologies

Founded in 1995, Apex Revenue Technologies (www.apexrevtech.com) is the leader in healthcare technology solutions that leverage insight into how patients pay to improve financial outcomes for providers and patients. The Apex solution combines a broad range of electronic payment, statement processing, multi-channel messaging, and analytic services. Apex’s innovative approach promotes patient financial engagement by personalizing the patient financial experience to increase payments, control costs and improve the patient experience. Our award-winning, cloud-based Patient Financial Engagement platform was built from the ground up to provide a seamless experience for patients - and flexible, flawless execution for our clients. Apex serves more than 15,000 locations across the US, both directly and through a strong partner network. To learn more, visit www.apexrevtech.com.