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Apex Patient Financial Experience Platform

Just as everyone has a very personal healthcare experience, each has financial needs and preferences that affect how, when and if they pay their bill. Apex helps you personalize the patient financial experience for better results.

A point-of-service solution that is integrated with your back-end billing and payment process provides a more seamless billing experience for your patients. Our approach matches payment options to patient needs early in the process and provides your staff with better visibility into account details.

Patients are mobile and they expect flexibility. They want simple, online and mobile payment options that make it easy for them to pay—no matter where they are! Apex provides modern online payment tools that will help you collect payments faster and provide your patients with the convenience they deserve.

If patients are confused by their bill – they are not likely to pay. Patient statements that are easy to understand and personalized will instill the confidence your patients need to pay. Whether your patient’s choose paper or electronic delivery, the Apex approach to patient statements leads the industry in performance.

When it comes to billing, more choices mean a better patient experience—and a better patient experience leads to increased revenue. Apex provides an interactive voice response (IVR) solution that allows patients to pay by phone when it’s convenient for them—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Billing support teams play a significant role in the patient financial experience. Apex provides your staff members with the comprehensive support tools they need to facilitate helpful billing conversations with your patients.

Patients have many options for medical care. Ensuring that your patients have a positive experience with your facility is critical in maintaining patient loyalty. Apex offers a patient satisfaction survey specific to the billing experience, that will provide you with the feedback you need to ensure your patient billing process is nothing but exceptional. 

How do we know we improve results? Because we measure them. Through analytic dashboards, Apex measures online payment performance, electronic delivery adoption, behavioral trends, and more. This insight into performance against goals can help you make decisions about new communication strategies to optimize results.